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Given the increasing complexities and speed which the world and business are changing, individuals and businesses who stay ahead in their knowledge and skills will be more future-ready. We leverage our team of expert professionals, who convey their wealth of knowledge and the practical experience they have gained over the years and capture it in well thought through training programmes that cut across industries and business functions. We adapt our courses to meet the needs of modern business which are meaningful and relevant to you.



The subject of taxation has long been recognised as being difficult to comprehend, master and apply. There are also many types of taxes ranging from direct taxes such as corporate tax, personal income tax and real property gains tax to indirect taxes such as service tax, sales tax and custom duties.

Recognising the diverse nature of taxes, complexity of the subject matter, continuous developments in tax laws, more onerous and stringent compliance requirements imposed on taxpayers, we are able to design courses to meet the objectives of simplicity, practicality and relevance for your business.

accounting & FINANCE

A strong foundation in accounting & finance is critical to succeed at any employment level and position. We teach you the basic techniques in preparing balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements and then transform them into analytical decision making tools by way of financial ratios for the purposes of budget management, increasing potential profits and assessing the financial performance of your business activities amongst others.

We also provide updates on all the latest developments and trends in FRS/IFRS convergence globally and regionally, including new and revised standards effective in 2017 and beyond.